Episode 1: As an entrepreneur, how do you use your time?

Welcome to the first episode of tiffanyngu.com!

Right now I’m at the Lexus showroom in Malaysia, waiting for my car key battery to be replaced.

Don’t worry I’m not here to get a new car, in fact I’ll get a new car very soon which I will not disclose any detail as of this moment.

Anyway, I will do something different from now on, I’m going to give myself a challenge. That is, to create one video content everyday to give values to you guys. You can ask me any question relating to online business, leadership, entrepreneurship and maybe you get to know me a little bit better. Feel free to send me your question on my Facebook or you can email to me at tiffany@tiffanyngu.com

While I’m waiting, I want to talk about something very important today. That is, how do you spend your time, especially moments where you know things happened unexpectedly. I didn’t expect my car key battery will die out suddenly. I know that I got to fix it right away. Otherwise I can’t drive my car. So instead of sitting down here waiting and do nothing, I’ve decided to bring along my laptop and make videos like this. Creating good video content like this and emailing out to my list are what I called the high value leverage activity which will bring in a lot of benefits to my business in the long term.

So what are the top three things that you do everyday that will bring in more cash to your business?

So for me, the top three things are:

  1. I check my numbers in terms of the marketing activities that I do and I make sure I know my numbers inside out.
  1. I get in touch with my customers or any potential customer 1 to 1.

To me, at the end of the day, it is all about getting results. Doing business is all about making profits. You don’t do business because of hobby.

  1. The last thing that I do is I make sure that I spend time learning a new skill and master it, so as to improve the marketing skill that I have for my business.

So these are the things that I do, how about you?

Are you doing money making activities that will bring you closer to your daily goal?

If you are not, perhaps you should stop whatever you’re doing right now, sit down and write down the top three things that you need to do to make sure that your time is well spent.

You got to know how much your time is worth. If you don’t, you are literally wasting your time away.

Time is money, let’s be real! So you as a business owner, you want to make sure that every minute spent is well spent.

So I hope you like this content.If you have any question, you can get in touch with me in Facebook.

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