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Episode 16: (Part 1) What are the top 3 necessary skills one must learn in order to be successful?

In today’s episode, I shared about the talked about the top 3 skills one must have in order to be successful in the online business industry.

I had a serious thought about this topic while enjoying my walk at the Gurney Drive in Georgetown (Penang). As mentioned before, I started my online journey with no prior experience. It was very tough initially because I had to learn the fundamental from scratch. Come to think of it now, I am glad I went through the tough learning curve 3 years ago. At least now, I can share my experience honestly with people.

The first skill I believe one must have is to learn about paid traffic. Learn how to generate traffic to get people to come in front of your offer. Even if you are bad at selling or writing sales copy, you can still hire people to do it for you.

Focus on one form of traffic first. For instance, Facebook pay per click, banner ads, direct mail, youtube ads.

Pick one, learn it, implement it & master it until you can consistently get traffic from that traffic source. One of the biggest mistakes people make in this industry is that they try to dabble too many traffic methods. They are not spending enough time to master them. As a result, they spend a lot of money without getting much result and also get confused.

My advice is to focus one form of traffic first. Master this particular traffic source before moving on to learn the next one.

Keep a lookout for part 2 of this video topic.

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