Episode 2: How Prepared Are You When It Comes To Dealing With Challenges

Hi there, this is Tiffany Ngu at TiffanyNGU.com, live from the beautiful, sunny Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Right now, I am actually preparing myself to do some video shooting which will be taking place in the next few days and these are my scripts. It’s not just one but a few. To be honest, there are a lot to do. I’m not prepared but I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get things done. After all, I’m here to create a multi-million dollar sales funnel for my online business. So, this leads me wanting to talk to you about something very important, that is, how prepared are you when it comes to facing challenges.

You know, in doing business, there is never a smooth sailing day. For sure, there will be some challenges you will face everyday. Now I always tell people doing business is like fighting a war everyday. So, there will be times where you face problems such as you get shut down by facebook, people criticize you things that you have never done before, you don’t get sales, you don’t get leads, stuffs like that. The question is, how will you deal will them and how prepared are you.

For me, I deal with it as positive as possible and there are some processes that I follow and I can share with you.

  1. I make it a point that everyday I feed my mind with something that is positive, be it reading a good book or listening to some good YouTube motivational videos.
  1. Second thing that I do is I purposely stay away from negative people. I don’t spend time or energy hanging out with these people and I’m not ashamed to say that.
  1. Thirdly is that I do whatever it takes to learn new skill, new things, new knowledge to get me moving forward in the business. I set small goals for myself and every time I achieve a small breakthrough, I will celebrate and then, from there I’ll set another goal which is bigger to keep me motivated, to move forward, to get me closer to the goals that I want to achieve for myself.
  1. And lastly, rinse and repeat, something that I learn from a friend that I met in the UK. Along the way, enjoy the process while divorcing yourself from the result. If you really enjoy what you do everyday, there will never be a sad day or angry day. In fact, you will always feel happy and positive. You just cannot wait to start your day, if you really really enjoy what you do. That’s how I feel everyday. To be honest, you see me smiling all the time and these smiles are genuine. Of course sometimes I do get angry, but it’s just for a few second and after that, I’ll be back to my cheerful nature.

So I hope you find this video useful. If you like it, comment it and share it.

See you in the next episode!

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