Episode 3: How to be Resourceful

Hi there! This is Tiffany Ngu from TiffanyNgu.com. Today I want to share with you about being resourceful.

I always come across people with the wrong mindset when it comes to building the online business.

They always expect me to spoon feed them with information. Well, I don’t mind sharing all my resources with them. The problem is that a lot of times, I find that they always wait for me to tell them what they do next.

Now, when it comes to doing business, be it online or offline. You know when it comes on board to do a new business, you got to start behaving like an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur basically means that you are a starter. You create something from scratch, you take initiative to do things. You do not wait for people to tell you what to do next. You have to constantly think  what you should do next to in order to scale up your business, in order to bring in more profits to your business.

Like I always mention, doing business is not a hobby. Doing business is about making profits. We have to be very real here, we have to be realistic as well. So you always have to constantly think like how you are going to get things together and and how you are going to fix problem along the way. So my advice is that, for me, this is what I always practice.

  1. I try to be as adventurous as possible, trying new things, learning new things of doing things.
  2. I always spend time building network because I believe that, network is actually your net worth. You’ll never know when you are going to need someone else’s help, so that’s the reason why I do spend time getting to know people, meeting new people at live events.

So, I have a friend who always tell me, “things move very fast nowadays, it’s really really fast at the speed of light, so don’t stop moving, don’t stop learning, because if you do that, you will die standing.

So I hope you find this video useful. If you like it, comment it and share it.

See you in the next episode!

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