Episode 4: How To Convert Social Media Followers To Buyers?

Hi this is Tiffany Ngu from TiffanyNgu.com. Right now I have Nick, standing next to me we are at the Wollarton park In Nottingham UK. He’s actually a very successful internet marketer and I have a question for him. That is, how do you convert your social media followers into buyers.

Nick: Yes thanks Tiffany! Well first of all, you know the way I do things, this is just the methods that I use and I know that people have a different kind of styles of how they want to market the business.

Like I’ve said to you earlier, one of the ways I do it is, if I’m sharing stuff on my personal page or even on my fan page, I won’t post links, I won’t post something saying “you got to really join this business or you got to buy this product”, because people hate that because on their newsfeed, they don’t want to be sold to people not on facebook to buy stuff. What they are on facebook for is entertainment. That was social media is about. So what I do is I get amazing engagement on my profile and in my fan page kind of thing. What I do is post photos of lifestyle things. So if I’m travelling like recently I’ve travelled to Fiji, I did a post showing some photos and it got tons of engagement. It got lots of likes,  lots of comments, people love that stuff because it’s not selling to them, it’s showing them the lifestyle.

Now you may ask yourself, how do you make money out of doing that?

Well, what you can do then is you can find weekly like the post, you can get a list of them, and then you can just private message them, reach out to them and start conversation because what it basically is you can get them to raise the hands, that’s like marketing 101. Doing something to get an action so that you are identifying. It’s like the 80-20 principle. You’re getting the 20 percenters.

NICK: And then, you can talk to them and have a conversation. If it’s appropriate, you can introduce into what you’re doing or you can just have a conversation with them. But what I suggest you never to do, if you’re in a business opportunity system, do not go into social media and saying how excited you are, because people absolutely do not care that they’re not on facebook to join your opportunity, they’re on there either for friend’s entertainment or for free value. Hopefully that helped your audience Tiffany. Does that answer your question?

TIFFANY: Yeah absolutely, thanks Nick.

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