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Episode 6: What Do You Say If People Ask You About The Results Of Your Business

Today I want to share with you a very good video and the topic is about what do you say when people ask you for proof of your results.

I will explain to you what to do

  1. if you don’t have your own results and also
  2. what to do if you have your own results already.

Whatever business you do, for sure people will always ask about the progress of your business. So let’s say, you are talking to someone on the phone, maybe on facebook, whatever it is, you are so excited you share with them regarding the system, regarding the business opportunity and suddenly there is silence.

You may be totally new in the business and you got no any results yet. Now I want to answer this question in two ways. The first thing that I want to address is “what do you say to the prospect if you do not have any results yet?”

Now, first of all, this is a very difficult question that most people will face but there is a way to solve.

If you do not have results yet, don’t be sad or feel less confident about the whole business. What you can do is that you can leverage on other people’s success. It could be your sponsor’s results, it could be the general testimonials, videos given by the company that you partner with.

The point is that, you got to leverage on other people’s success stories.

Another thing you must do is that you must feel confident about yourself, as well as the business that you’re partnering with. When you speak, you got to speak with authority and confidence. People can feel that you’re serious. In return they would show you some respect.

Now what do you do if you already have results?

Now what you can do is to compile all these results the best way that you can. You want to have maybe a powerpoint slides showing your income. Not necessarily all the income but just a part of it. You also want to make sure that you do it in the legal way. After all, doing business is for the long term and it is a requirement you have to give income disclaimers as well.

You want to give them the best results that you have. So for example if you have made a lot of money in, let’s say a particular month, you gonna say that you have a really really good month on that particular month. Show it in a positive light and of course be confident.

When you talk, be confident. If you have results and all your team members have results, you can absolutely leverage on that.

So those are the advices that I would give to you. I personally have gotten some very good results from the business opportunity that I am part of. I also help my team members to get the kind of results that I’m getting as well.

So if you need help in traffic generation or if you are looking for a business opportunity, add me on facebook, let’s have a friendly chat.

I hope you enjoy this video and see you on the next video. Take care!

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