Episode 8: The Importance of Mentorship

In today’s episode, I have a special guest all the way from California. His name is Russ. Both Russ and I are doing the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business.

Recently, Russ bought a $100K Mentorship program. This program has many benefits (which Russ will explain further in the video…so watch the video till the end!).

Part of the program includes a 5 hour consultation with a young millionaire on how to build and scale up his top tier online business.

Starting an online business is simple. The hardest bit is the building and scaling up part, which requires daily accountability, focus and perseverance.

Doing online business is never a lonely game. The fastest way to get results for your online business is to get a mentor who not only have the results already, but also who has the best interest to help you to succeed.

I personally do coach my students in doing the online business.

If you are looking to work with someone who can simplify your online journey, then click here to apply for my Limitless Pay Day program today!

I normally only take in 4 people max per month. The reasons why I only want to work with small groups of people are because:

  • I want to work with only serious, committed people who will do whatever it takes to succeed in their online business
  • My time is very precious. Hence, I want to make sure I spend it on people who will treasure my time & effort
  • My greatest desire is to see people win in doing the business. If they do well, I will also do well. So it is a WIN – Win situation for both parties 🙂

If you would like to have a chat with me before applying for my coaching program, feel free to reach out to me in Facebook.

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