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Matt Lloyd’s Special interview with Tiffany on overcoming fears

Tips on overcoming fears when first starting out an online business by Matt Lloyd


Last June, I attended the Platinum Mastermind in Canary Islands in Spain.

In case you are wondering what this Platinum Mastermind is all about, it is a premiere wealth building event. At such event, you will learn wealth building secrets from some of the wealthiest, some say most powerful mentors in the world.

Below is the photo of some of the world class industry speakers who spoke at the mastermind. If you ever have the chance to attend such event, make sure you go for it! It’s really worth your time and investment.

Photo of MOBE speakers added in tiffanyngu.com

I had the privilege to be invited by a young, driven and very focused entrepreneur, to do a special video recording together. His name is Matt Lloyd. Just like me, Matt lives in KL and runs a $150 million online business education company ( in revenue generating as of August 2016).

I always like to learn from successful entrepreneurs, people who have done better than me. Both Matt and I started our entrepreneurial journey almost at the same time, and of course in different businesses.

Image of Matt and Tiffany on overcoming the fears

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. For sure there are a lot of fears which we need to deal with. In this video interview, I have asked Matt about some of his fears which he had when he first got started in business and how he was able to overcome them.

Matt explained that he has always been an aspiring entrepreneur since a small child, even till the university days.

Being an introvert, some of many fears that Matt has, included fear of failure, fear of facing all of his friends and family who thought he should just give up on his business and get a “real” job.

What really impressed me was Matt’s perseverance and focus. The fact that he had invested close to $40,000 in his business (back then), he had no choice but to push himself to act in spite of all the fears. In other words, he has to do whatever it takes to make success happen.

I can totally relate to Matt’s experience. It is in moments like this that will push people out of their comfort zone to do things which they never thought they can ever accomplish.

There is a saying, “ anything is impossible is you believe”. It is important to have hope in every situation. However, I believe it is also important to have strategy in place as well in order to achieve the success that we want in our business.

Doing online business is never a lone ranger game.

If you have been looking to do an online business and you want to work with someone who already got results and also the success blueprint to help you to achieve results in the business, apply for my Limitless Pay Day Program today!
Disclaimer: I don’t believe in overnight success. I believe in hard work, working with the right people, right system and doing the right activities everyday in order to achieve success.

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